Feb19th ’10 4:24 pm

ut3 Global Player Stats API


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Myut3 Global Player Stats[http://apophis.ch/node/35] Projects relies on the Stats aquired by GameSpy. It looks like the have changed their Authentication scheme recently and this resulted in a nonworking Stats Application.

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Dec08th ’09 7:07 pm

Zensorchecker gets censored by ETH...


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ETH wasn't Amused today... thats what I am been told by the origo team today.

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Jul01st ’09 9:00 am

The Website is Back


Bad news: I had to move to a new server this weekend, all DNS entries should point to the new IP.  Most data is already back where it was. Only a few data was lost. This website and email had priority, but most services will come up this week.

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May28th ’09 9:20 am

Spider yet unknown banned urls



I already posted the newest development on the Zensorchecker[http://zensorchecker.origo.ethz.ch/] on its blog[http://zensorchecker.origo.ethz.ch/blog].

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May05th ’09 3:35 pm

First Release of ZensorChecker



I started a new Project on origo[http://www.origo.ethz.ch/], I call it ZensorChecker[http://zensorchecker.origo.ethz.ch/].

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Apr23rd ’09 1:58 am

CDS-Spread as Rating


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Found a nice Blogentry[http://verlorenegeneration.wordpress.com/landerisiken-im-uberblick/] which displays the current high CDS Spreads in the market. CDS stands for Credit Default Swap, its basically an insurance against the Default of a the issuer of a paper (i.e. the case the issuer doesn't pay back the debt). You can buy such insurance also for countries.

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Apr08th ’09 12:56 pm

Downtime twice



At the end of march the servers MySQL database crashed heavily which needed a complete restore of the whole database, the backup of the previous days were corrupted as well which lead to a restore of the database dating back to the begin of march.

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Dec27th ’08 7:45 pm

Censorship List Switzerland


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A few days ago there has been posted the Danish Censorship list on Wikileaks[http://www.wikileaks.net/]. And I remembered that I once read that it was the danish police which delivered the first 1000 URLs the swiss KOBIK has banned (Heise original News[http://www.heise.de/newsticker/Schweizer-Internet-Provider-sperren-Kinderporno-Seiten--/meldung/84397]). Therefore I checked the list of domain names against the Cablecom DNS Server to see if they still match in a big part.

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