May28th ’09 9:20 am

Spider yet unknown banned urls

Posted by Apophis



I already posted the newest development on the Zensorchecker on its blog.

The next version of the Zensorchecker will be able to spider new url's which have not been leaked to the public. This version will make the leaking less important, since everybody can search for censored urls in the future. I am not sure yet about some design decisions and it might take some time till I release 0.7.

However, the Spider is already implemented and it is working. The newest development Version can send the results directly to my Homepage here, some of you might see the new Link "List Zensored Urls" (Yes Z because they are found with Zensorchecker) Where you can search for the newest found url's. Zensorchecker will publish them automatically, You will be able to deactivate that in case of fear!

I will let the spider run for some time, and I hope some more will show up in the next few hours!

Stay tuned! And help to fill the gaps :) We need more tester from DNS censored countries!


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