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Apophis as a public enemy of China?

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My website isn't reachable from China at the moment with my normal DNS entry, http://apophis.ch, the compleete DNS entry with all subdomains is blocked at the moment, but the IP is still reachable as is my backup domain entry. The site is therefore still reachable as http://apophis.eu.

In theory this could be a temporary DNS Problem, and I will see if the state changes during my stay. But DNS Server are still operating out of china, so the theory seems valid that it has to do with the Chinese Great Firewall.

At the moment i am in  天津 (Tianjin) where some parts of the olympic games are held aswell, but isn't that involved. Beijing is just about 100km away from here, and the enthusiasm was easily felt in Shanghai already. The Comments of the Foreign televisions was that you don't feel the party mood in china, but I can't really agree on that. Every where are crowds of people when there is TV nearby. China displays the Games 24/7 on 7 channels on CCTV. There is not much else.

Slowly this will calm down, in Beijing you see Volunteers on every streetcorner, even quite far from the olympic buildings. I dont have a base for comparison, but I was told Beijung has changed quite a lot. I can tell you the weather is great, blue sky, no haze, beatiful sunshine and nice 28 to 32 with not that much humidity.

The ban of traffic and industry has really made the sky clear.

Tianjin has a bit the flair of soutern european city, the river meandering through the city, with a nice newly built water front. There is a italian quarter and a french quater, both seem rather unused, but could be a real attraction, since they look pretty well renovated.

The old town is in the midst of a jungle of skyscrapers, every building at least forty floors high with a very nice village like part in the center with the old town and some new probably very expensive one family houses.

Tianjin is like Shanghai or Beijing an SAR (Special Administrative Region) The streets are new (with intersting new concepts of traffic lights), as is the train station and many new buildings aswell. The center is vivid, as the people are.

I don't want to talk about Internet cafés anymore, I pay here 40 yuan per hour in my hotel (3 to 4 yuan per hour is normal in a public internet café). Its horrible!!!

I live in the 22nd floor, but I don't have to look out of the window...

I want to answer some questions:


* 500ml Water (2yuan = 0.3 sFr.)
* 500ml Cola (3yuan = 0.5 sFr)
* BigMac Menu (25yuan = 3sFr)
* Bus ticket 100km (35yuan = 5sFr.)
* Big Lunch  (between 30 and 60 yuan = 5 to 10 sFr.)

Are you in form now?

Hard question, I walk quite a lot, but not much altitude and mostly quite slow especially when its about 40°C and high humidity. But I think I got in form especially compared to before the journey. The balance in the hotel tells me that I have 91kg left, what would be around 24kg loss to the beginning of the year. But I only believe in my own balance.


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