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Dharamsala und McLeod Ganj

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 [G2:18250 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]Now some happier news, to be precise: a tourist attraction.

I have been in Delhi for quite some time, and it was a great time there, and I even had to change my train ticket twice, becuase I "just" drove to the himalya for a short trip.

If I say short trip, I mean 600km and 10hours driving in a car, one way.

We started at mid night and we had our first little problem around 5 o'clock in the morning, we drove directly into the mud with our car, and we were a bit off track. But the direction still wasnt that bad and we arrived a little late in Dharamsala. We drove into the mountains on horrible steep "roads" and our final target McLeod Ganj was about 2000m above sea level, the temperature were fantastic, and quite comfortable.

It's a pretty nice sight to see the Monsun pushing against the Himalaya, its raining regularly, what you don't usually have in Delhi. The formation of the cloads and fog are changing every minute, and the view into the natural beauty, with the high mountains and the changing weather conditions are quite impressive.

In McLeod Ganj is the residence of the tibetean exile governement, and with some luck you can see your holiness the Dalai Lama from time to time.

Even in the evening the buddhistic temple is full of people and also some Monks were still there.

In the evening we met a swiss couple again, which we already saw in Delhi, and therefore remembered them.

After some Drinking and Dining together we wanted to meet for a walk to the Library in the morning and went to bed early.

Unfortunately he got ill that night and had feaver, so we walked alone to the Library, but the Way was much longer than announced.

[G2:18346 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots] Finally arrived at the library we were told that the buddhistic lessons will start at 11o'clock and we went back to the top with a taxi.  The girl cared for her boyfriend an we visited the rest of McLeod Ganj.

We saw people refreshing themselves in a holy source where they bathed like in a ritual, but the boys had fun ;)

We walked to a beautiful waterfall which directly flows out of the Himalay. The water was better than anything you could get in Delhi in bottles.

A dog watched for us, and after a photo session near the water fall, we walked back and after lunch we moved back to Delhi. A long journey back was coming...

and... we survived, even though we were on some very dangerous streets.

And we probably dont wanna talk about the 2km we drove on the wrong side of the highway.. no just let us forget this part of the story!


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