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Every journey has an end...

Posted by Apophis

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...even the very long and intersting ones.

I am home earlier than I have initially planned, the only country I really d'like to visit, but wasn't possible this time is Kazakhstan, but I hope I will do that some ohter time. When I think that I havent planned alot in advance, I could be pretty happy about the journey. There were some things which went not the way I have planned, for example I took the airplane more often than I wanted, which is one of the reasons why I was faster than initially expected.

I have seen plenty of things, some very nice ones, but also things I'd rather not see again. It was an adventure I didn't want to miss, but I am also happy to be home again.


by Airplane : about 14'000km
by Train: about 10'000km
by Foot: more than 1200km (at least 10km/day)
by Bus: about 500km

And some hundret kilometers by other vehicles like Minibusses, Rickshaws, Tuc-Tucs, Metros, Skytrains, Taxis, Cars... and all very hard to guess how many kilometers I did. However the total is very likely to exceed 3000km for the whole trip.

In the End I came about 3/4 around the globe, about 30'000km.

I was in 10 countires, I needed a passport, 2 Visa, 2 Transit-Visa, 3 Visa on Arrival and I got plenty of Immigration Stamps in my passport... I was in 14 Hotels with kategories varying from "This is really a hotel" upto 4 Stars, and I spent nights in 3 trains, an airplane and in a train station, I have coins in Litas, Lats, Estonian Crowns, Kryvnia, Idian Rupees, Baht, Hong Kong Dollars, Yuan and Rubel.

On the way I have destroyed two pairs of trousers, one pair of shoes, a bag, and even my Camera is not in its best condition.

BTW Some Postcards were a bit late, especially the ones from Hong Kong, don't be too surprised about the date on the stamps, this is a different story.

In total I have taken  2552 Pictures, about 6.85 GB jpegs, around 20 Pictures per day (not that bad)

And now they are Online!

And as a final note: the top 10, when you know you have been for too long in India:

10. If you think silver foil on sweets is for eating.
9. When you walk barefoot over the streets when its 40°C and more.
8. When you sing in Sanskrit, think in Hindi but you  still prefer to speek Begali or Urdu.
7. If you anticipate to get a Tea (Chai) when you buy something.
6. If you show your Rickshaw-Wallah a short-cut.
5. If you understand a Indian bathroom, or worse if you like it.
4. When you think Earcleaner is really a job you can make a living.
3. When you miss the cows on the streets
2. When you think the Horn is in priciple the same as a break.
1. When you search the form for Bankrobbery over 40'000 Rupees.


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