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Last Stop: Calcutta (Kolkata)

Posted by Apophis

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And again due to recent events I want to tell you that I am sitting in an Internet-café in the Park Street in Kolkata.

There was a thread about a bomb blast today, in this street, but I didnt know that untill a TV Team asked me what I am thinking about it. Well I would have been in bed at the time when the blast was planned, still strange feeling, but in about one hour I'll take a taxi to the airport and will leave the country shortly after.

Kolkata is quite a nice city, much cleaner than Delhi, and it doesn't feel as croweded, however there are some Million inhabitants in Kolkata, but obviously the density distribution is slightly better.

I was at the Victoria Memorial and I watched a sunset over the Hoogly River. (In the Delta of the Ganges)

The river is as expected quite brown, but you see many people bathing in it, especially during Dawn and Sunset.

THe Markets and Bazaars are not that aggressive as they are in Delhi, but if you are near Sudder Street (The tourist ghetto in Kolkata) you'll feel like in Delhi.

I got cold here, I guess it has something to do with my air condition in the Hotel, and thats why I also used the bed more than I wanted to.

Now I feel well again and tomorrow I will be Bangkok. On Friday and Saturady is already comlelty booked with my cooking classses, and after that I'll take a look whats interesting in Bangkok.


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