Aug20th ’08 6:08 pm

你好 上海 (Ni Hao Shanghai)

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Finally, after 21 hours in a train, I finally can "immigrate" to mainland China...

[G2:15265 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots] I travelled with two elder women from shanghai and a nice guy from italy who is living in Shanghai, that way the journey seemed not that long. Even sleeping in the train was lovely, and I really hope that the transsibirian train is at least half as comfortable. The food service like in an indian train wasn't availbale, but thats only missing poin to get a perfect journey.

Shanghai again is a huge city, with plenty of history when you walk along the "Bund" and many modern skyscrapers in Pudong. The two highest buildings in China (430m / 460m) are there, the talles is such new that I couldn't enter it, there was message that the Hotel and the viewing platform is not yet opened to the public. So I had to stick with the former highest building of China, the Jin Mao Tower, and the view from its 86th floor is just amazing. However the view into the inside of the building in the 84th floor down the huge atrium of the Grand Hyatt hotel was much more frightening.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel has an atrium which is more than 30 floors, Lonely Planet describes it as mind Spinning, and the head is really spinning when you look down there. The Picture will be horrible, but I didn't want to spend more time on there.

Beside the huge numbers of skyscrapers there are also a few older buildings, and walk along the bund is a attraction. Especially if you see the police hunting the street vendors down the water front.

[G2:15429 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots] Today I was in the Shanghai Musem, over 160'000 exhibits on 4 floors, and somehow the entry was free today,  I didn't found out the reason, but the queue in front of the entrance was very long. But beside that it was an amazing experience, its a beautiful museum from outside and especially from inside.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian... so much of great food! And then I took a picture of a shelf full of swiss Wernli cookies in the supermarket... :D

Tomorrow I will drive with the Transrapid to the airport to fly to Beijing, and will stay till sunday in Tian Jing, CTS thought that the hotels are full during the games. ( I rather dont believe that anymore)

Its a gamble to find an internet café here, I finally found one 3 streets away from the place described in the lonely planet, but at least I now know the Chinese Charakter for Internet Café by heart.

About 150 Shanghai guys are here gaming, messaging und reading... I had to try how much is censored from here.

[G2:15501 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]Wikipedia is open but the Freenetproject and the Tor-Pages are not reachable from here, well at least  the mainpages, but my Server is completly open to china. Also all the newspapers are reachable without a problem as are all my email providers.

In my Hotel I even have satellite TV and can Watch HBO and CNN, however its a 4 Star Hotel and might have more freedom than an average chinese guy.

The Olympic Games are everywhere, but for Shangai this is only the prelude, in the year 2010 the World Exhibition will stage in Shanghai. Some already fear that! I am curious how it will be in Beijung during the Olympics, I havent seen much.


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