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Taj Mahal and Akshardham

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 [G2:17607 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]If you are india, you have to visit the Taj Mahal, its like the Eiffeltower and Paris or Australia and the Eyers Rock. The entry fees are quite high in comparison to other things in India, especially since India does a heavy dual pricing. (Indians (almost) always pay less)

I had a guide which told me about the history and and all the details about the craftmenship which was needed for this precious building...

In the and I have to ask myself again, why do they always build such beautiful things for dead people, they should build them for the living people...

All countries seem to have some morbid Memorials for the dead...

Well in this case it was the favourite wife of the Ruler, who built the Taj Mahal. It took 22 years to build it, if you see it you'll know why it took so long.

The Taj Mahal is renovated regularly, and in every Monson it get cleaned thanks to the water from above, Industry was removed from Agra due to the Taj Mahal, and its not allowed to build new industry buildings.

In Agra there are two more World Heritages, the Agrafort is a beautiful garden and again a tomb in the center... But monkeys like it there...

Why it is forbidden to photgraph the grass will probably be a mystery forever...

There are plenty of rules in India, obviously nobody cares about them, neither tourists nor indians themselves, but there are so many signposts which tell you what you have to do, and how.

Near Agra is also the third Unesco World Heritage, but not directly in the City: its Fatehpur Sikri. But never the less, Agra is the only city with 3 World Heritages!

Well you can have a split opionion if every old building has to be a World Heratige.

 [G2:17832 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]Everybody knows the Taj Mahal, but who knos the Akshardham Temple in Delhi?( http://www.akshardham.com/ ) Probably nobody, it is defintly a must see in Delhi and quite an attraction. The Temple itself (even though it looks awfully old) is a new built building from the 21st Century. It was built with 300'000'000 man hours of work in 2001 to 2005, and it shines today like a jewel.

Its forbidden to photograph inside (Thats why I bought a picture book) and the security checks are more strict than on airports. But it was wort all the hassle, the temple is spectacular.

But I wouldnt call it temple, its more like a religious amusement park. Beside the gorgeos Tempel which you can see only barefoot you can watch a show about Nasrayan Aksherdam, an IMAX - Cinema which shows a religios 70mm Film about a boy called Neelkanth, and boat trip throgh the Indian History...

And if that wouldnt be enough there is a light and fountain show in the evening after 8 o'clock for 20 minutes, which is a great way to finish a half day in this Temple, after that all the people leave the temple, some thousand people, you are never alone in India.

The entrance is free, only the 3 shows and the Fountainshow costs some money, but you pay the same if you are foreigner or an Indian and its worth every rupee.


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