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Здравствулте Москва́

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[G2:11860 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots] After I arrived in the hotel, I took a long shower and after that I was ready to take over the city, the weather was fine, and the metro station was directly in front of my hotel. I am again on a 22nd floor, this time with a magnificent view over Moscow.

The most used Metro in the world is living upto it's name, even though it never was as crowded as I have seen them in kiev, its still pretty crowded all day long. The Metro-lines are much more complex than anything I have seen so far, and the signposting could be much better... again everything in cyrillic. Well I have only taken once or twice the wrong train, could be worse, but they really could learn something from Beijing or Honk Kong and their Mass Transit Railway systems.

The Kreml is impressive, at first they even don't let me in, the space before the main entrance was guarded, without a visible reason... He couldnt tell us what the problem was, even though someone asked in russian for the reason. Suddenly he let us through, for no apparent reason either... russians are strange...

After I organised the Tickets I went into the Armoury and all wanted to see all the chruches. All those jewels and the simple orthodox art wasn't really my taste, especially since it was heavily raining.

At least I met Ian again, he was with me in the Transmongolian Train and we visited some chruches together before we seperated again.

[G2:12000 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]After the kreml I wanted to visit the Red Square, but Red Square must be closed the day I want to visit it; I think Sarkozy wasn't free of guilt for this. I fought throus small alleys, through Gum until I was at St. Basils Cathedral. You couldn't go to the side facing Red Square, but the view was incredible anyway. It is indeed quite an odd church, a true russian landmark... I didnt waste too much time there are walked through the city. I walked quite a lot the last 2 and half days, very well known alleys, around the Bolschoi Theater, Statues of different Authors and such things.

I walked through Arbat, bought a bit of Caviar to bring home before I will go back after more than 4 months.

The last stop was then in Stockholm, which was quite intersting, since I was the only one from moscow to zurich with this airport as a transit, I got my own Airport Bus to the Gate to Zurich, and I was there early, but the fly to Zurich was delayed...



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