Apr08th ’09 12:56 pm

Downtime twice

Posted by Apophis



At the end of march the servers MySQL database crashed heavily which needed a complete restore of the whole database, the backup of the previous days were corrupted as well which lead to a restore of the database dating back to the begin of march.

After that the apophis.ch Server went obviously down on the 30th of March and I wasn't able to restart the server due to not having internet yet on my new location (yes this is murphy par excellence), The site was down for more than a week. And I feared that mysql was the problem again, however a restart of the server solved all problems, but I'll have an eye on the server's stability now!

Services affected:

domains: apophis.ch, apophis.eu, bruderer.at and most of its dynamic subdomains,

download.apophis.ch wasnt affected.

Services: Email, Mysql, Web, FTP, Teamspeak, UT3 Stats

Last successfull backup: 29.3.2009.


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