Dec08th ’09 7:07 pm

Zensorchecker gets censored by ETH...

Posted by Apophis

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ETH wasn't Amused today... thats what I am been told by the origo team today.

ETH shut down the whole Origo site, because obviously many Porn site linked to my Project, obviously because of the included list of (outdated) domain entries.

Its pretty funny that more than half a year after anything was done to the Project, ETH needs to completly shut down the whole origo domain just because of some content which doesnt directly link anything on it. And it is there already for more than half a year.

I am a bit surprised about that and I would really like to know what happened.

Anyway. The SVN repository is on closed source now, but I can still access it. I'll move the project completly off origo and I'll find another project host or host it myself.

I am very disappointed of ETH and blame them for this very unfair behaviour.

I quote from the very nice Email from origo.

Unfortunately, from our experience, the ETH is
not interested in political issues and instead fast in removing content
(as you can see from completely shutting down Origo without prior notice).

Happy Censorship on ETH :)


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