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Jul05th ’08 12:49 pm

Kiev/Київ Update


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 [G2:13463 n=1 class="left" exactsize=180 frame=dots]I try to reduce my deficit in the coverage of my journey. What I am missing the most are Internet cafés like in the baltics. Thats why you won't see new Pictures, I cannot upload them with the small bandwith here.

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Jun28th ’08 5:22 pm

Greetings from a Кафе-Интернет in Київ



Even though there wasn't much news from me latley, I am still alive. :) I have changed the route in the meanwhile, because I wasn't ready for either waiting endlessly for the russian visa or flying to stockholm to organise a visa. Therefore I changed the router a bit to the south and landed in the Ukraine instead of Russia. Since the baltics I am quite familiar with hearing some Russian, but at least most of the texts were in latin letters, I try to learn a bit kyrillic, like in the subject of this post. In the meanwhile I can at least read the more important words, and I find my way in the kyrillic street name.

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