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Feb19th ’10 4:24 pm

ut3 Global Player Stats API


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Myut3 Global Player Stats[http://apophis.ch/node/35] Projects relies on the Stats aquired by GameSpy. It looks like the have changed their Authentication scheme recently and this resulted in a nonworking Stats Application.

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Apr08th ’09 12:56 pm

Downtime twice



At the end of march the servers MySQL database crashed heavily which needed a complete restore of the whole database, the backup of the previous days were corrupted as well which lead to a restore of the database dating back to the begin of march.

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Oct28th ’07 2:30 am

UT3 Demo



The UT3 demo is out for already more than a week, the Linux server was published some days later. However the Server is still very unstable, and My Server works fine till somepoint all Players get dropped, and its impossible to rejoin. I am sorry for all the inconvinience. Im not the only one experiencing this problem, but I am not sure if Epic will do something against it. The communication of Epic is very bad, still I tried to up a server now, you can join the Server ut3://apophis.ch:7777 and here is the usage of this server. More might come in the near future. Lets hope UT3 is done better than the demo, the ut2k4 demo was such good that I bought the game. If I wouldn't know ut2k4 I wouldnt buy ut3, it is very disappointing. But play the demo yourself: My Mirror: http://download.apophis.ch/UT3/UT3BetaDemo.exe and if you want the linux executables, wget this: http://download.apophis.ch/UT3/UT3-linux-server-betademo-10132007.tar.bz2

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